Health: Tracking My Weight Loss

(These are the most recent photos I have of my physique, taken on 9th Sept – I was trying on some newly purchased yoga pants so it wasn’t intended as a physique update. The fuzzy photos and orange hue are due to darkened skies from nearby fires.)

Hellooo thanks for joining me on this journey! :) About 3-4 weeks ago I started to take weight loss more seriously after I learned about the “right” way to do it thanks to finding Natacha Océane and Greg Doucette’s YouTube channels.

They’ve helped dispel a lot of myths and misinformation about fitness, diet and weight loss that I previously believed in, which had always caused me to give up on losing weight after only trying very half-heartedly in the past. (I’d diet for a few days then decide I loved food too much).

I’ve been on a more serious weight-loss journey recently, and I think it’s perhaps now worth tracking in a separate post to get a more holistic view of how I’m doing. I will still be tracking my diet and weight in my weekly fitness posts but this is for me to get a better idea of where I’m at weight-wise overall.

It’s also interesting to see how my weight fluctuates on a daily basis, and getting to know these fluctuations help me to be unsurprised when my weight increases after a day of ‘healthy’ eating, and similarly unaffected when it decreases after I’ve eaten a bunch of junk food the night before. There doesn’t seem to be causation between the two because it’s whether or not I’ve eaten an overall caloric deficit that will enable me to lose weight.

My goal is to lose ~0.5lbs/week and it looks like so far I’m perfectly on target. Thus, seeing those fluctuations don’t alarm me into changing or doing anything drastic to my diet to ‘make up’ for weight loss; I’m able to just keep my diet as is since it’s currently working just fine. If/when at some point this changes, I’ll adjust as appropriate.

In this post, I’ll be taking the median weight for the entire week (rather than just Tues – Sat). It’ll just be a table, and further details can be found in my weekly posts. Here it is:

WeekMonTuesWedsThursFriSatSunMedianW +/-T +/-
34details123.4 124.0122.0121.6121.4122.8122.8122.8
36details122.8 122.8124.0122.0121.2120.8122.4122.4-0.8-0.4
37details122.4 121.6122.0122.6121.6121.0121.2121.6-0.8-1.2
40 details122.4120.8121.6121.0120.8120.6120.6120.8-1.2-2.0
42details119.4119.2 119.6121.6120.8119.8120.4119.8+0.2-3.0
45details120.6119.4120.0119.4119.2119.2120.2119.4+/- 0-3.4


  • All weights will be tracked in lbs.
  • W +/- calculates the median weight of the week compared to the median weight of the previous week.
  • T +/- calculates the cumulative median weight change
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