Reflections: “That’s Not Very Christian Of You.”

Someone said this to me yesterday. To be honest, I was a bit shocked. I wasn’t sure how to respond, and in my heart my first thought was, “That’s really harsh.” I felt like if someone wanted to attack me where it really hurt, that’s something they would say. I felt defensive, and even like that was a below-the-belt comment.

However, upon further reflection, I don’t believe that comment was unmerited. Perhaps it was said in jest as I would consider us to be friends, but even such an offhand comment comes from a deeper place, so at the very least I should conclude that I must have inadvertently hurt them.

The background is that I joked that a male celebrity/public figure looked “…different” in a recent photo. As in, he clearly had put on some weight, and as a result was accused of fat-shaming. Initially my thoughts were that, could I not even make such an observation without being shamed for the comment? The last time I saw a photo of him, he looked significantly slimmer.

However, my joke clearly did not come from a place of love, and even if I wished to argue that I was worried for his health, that isn’t really the thought that I had. To be fair, a major part of me was just thinking that he must have been eating really well, so good for him. Heck, I was even a little envious that he had the means to just jet off to any country and eat the best of foods at any given time.

But I can see how the circumstances under which I said it, coupled with the arguably judgemental tone I said it in, were all inappropriate and should have been kept to myself. In fact, I shouldn’t have thought like that in the first place. Shortly after, I apologised in a way that I hope came across sincerely. But today I am taking the time today to reflect on myself, my words and actions.

“That’s not very Christian of you” – this stung and cut me deeply. However, she’s not wrong.

Christian means to be “like Christ”. Have I been acting very Christian lately? Have I been thinking very Christian lately? I know that God will use whomever He pleases to convict me, why shouldn’t this be an act of His, working along with the Spirit to remind me of who I am/ought to be? I have sinned. It is appropriate for me to ask God, too, for forgiveness.

I have been toiling unto God’s Kingdom, but have I been reflecting Christ in my words and actions? How’s my relationship with Christ these days? How much devotional time have I had? Yes, I have done Bible reading. Yes, I have prayed. Yes, I have had plenty of Bible study. But if I consider how much quiet time I have had, it’s not nearly enough.

So let me make that a priority again, so that my heart can be in the right place. I thank God for His unconditional grace, endless mercy and forgiveness through Jesus. I thank God that He doesn’t count my sins against me, but, in love, sanctifies me to grow.

Because of Jesus, I am a sinner saved by grace. Because of Jesus, my unrighteousness is accounted to him, and his righteousness is counted to me. Because of Jesus, I am unashamed. But unashamed does not and should not mean unapologetic.

“That’s not very Christian of you” is a wake-up call. Wake up, Christian, and start being Christ-ian.



Fitness: Chloe Ting’s 2021 Hourglass Challenge – Week 2

Image screenshot: Chloe Ting 2021 Hourglass Challenge

This post will be updated daily for days 8 – 14 of this challenge.
Click here for week one’s updates of this challenge.

It’s week two already! Wow, it feels like last week passed so quickly and yet so slowly at the same time, and now we’re 1/3 of the way through the challenge already. I still think 3 weeks is my sweet spot – I remain excited to exercise although with the understanding that I’ll make whatever adjustments I need to suit my schedule and fitness level, but at the same time I’ll still be able to push myself to keep going because the end is near.

I really enjoyed the new videos from last week and I’m enjoying this challenge so far. I think this is the first challenge I’ve ever done that does not include HIIT workouts so it feels a little foreign, but I’m not complaining. I’m still getting a good workout and I am most likely working muscles that I haven’t worked before since I was sore for almost the entirety of last week.

There are some new moves that I’ve loved doing – they’re incredibly challenging and I’ve appreciated the challenge. I feel especially accomplished when I’m able to do a move that I wasn’t previously able to, or do it with better form than before. Onwards, we go!

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February Resolution: Check In #3

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I did read 5 days this week, as originally intended. But I did not read on all the days that I thought I would. I ended up not reading on Wednesday, and reading on Sunday instead. The other reading days were as I had originally planned.

I try to spend more time meditating on the chapter when possible. Jacky and I had a couple of mornings where we ate breakfast and read/did our devotional together, which I enjoyed a lot. I haven’t really begun to commit the passage to memory but I am starting to naturally be able to remember parts of it.

It’s just occurred to me to do a devo on the passage daily, or at least each verse, throughout the month – one verse per day or something. I would definitely have it committed to memory by the end of the month. However, it feels like there are a lot of things that I want to accomplish and I must find time to prioritise them all.

Since I work now, it’s not possible for me to do all the things I want whenever I want anymore. I will pray about it; perhaps it’s something I can consider doing from next month onwards.



Fitness: Chloe Ting’s 2021 Hourglass Challenge – Week 1

Image screenshot: Chloe Ting 2021 Hourglass Challenge

This post will be updated daily for days 1 – 7 of this challenge.

So it begins… Honestly until today I wasn’t certain I’d be committing to this challenge because I’d previously been interested in trying Chloe’s Get Fit Challenge for quite some time. However, I realise at this point that I don’t really have enough strength to use equipment, neither am I interested in overall muscle growth as a focus. Plus, this Hourglass challenge is only 21 days. That is literally my sweet spot, so I can’t really say no to it right now. I’m committed now.

In terms of what I’m looking for: again, just to keep working out. If there are any physical changes, fantastic. If there aren’t, that’s totally fine too because I’m just enjoying exercising. Supposedly this one isn’t as challenging, which I appreciate as I’m fairly sure I’ve lost a little strength, or haven’t been engaging some of the right muscles in the past.

In case you’re interested in before photos, you can see them in my Flat Stomach Challenge Results post. I took those photos this morning, so they would be the best indication for ‘before’ this challenge.

This challenge is 3 weeks long, so I’ll be creating a new update post each week to avoid a single post getting too long and thus intimidating to read. I did the same with the Flat Stomach Challenge and I liked that format a lot. As before, dates will be written in US format since I live here now.

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Fitness: Chloe Ting’s Flat Stomach Challenge Results

Alrighty, I wasn’t expecting to do this, because I wasn’t expecting any major (or any, full stop) changes in my body. My weight did not change whatsoever, which is nice because it looks like my weight has settled comfortably, and is something I’m currently easily able to maintain.

I took update photos today, and you can definitely see a difference before / after the flat stomach challenge, especially in my legs. My waist measurement remains the same, but I know that I’ve slimmed down because I’ve had to tighten the straps of my sports bra and my pants now sit higher on my waist. I’m wearing the same clothes to alleviate one more degree of inaccuracy when looking at before/after.

I’ve just realised you can also see more definition in my upper abs too. And that thigh gap that I wasn’t even aiming for has become pretty prominent. Apologies for the mess in the background, we’re due to clean the apt today.

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