February Resolution: Check In #2

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The week’s reading did not go well. I wish I had a good reason for it? But I don’t. There were multiple times during the day, or even in the evening, where I’d thought, “I should read.” But I just didn’t do it.

I ended up only reading on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Again, it wasn’t that I didn’t have devo time on other days, but it does show an issue with my heart that I did not prioritise something as simple as reading an additional 21 verses at some point during my day.

It shows an idolatry problem. It shouldn’t be a burden to read an extra chapter, but rather an opportunity to spend more time with my Creator and He who should be my first love. There is nothing more I can say to this, it is sin. But, thankfully, God does not hold it against me, for my sins have already been paid for by the precious blood of Christ.

He remains faithful, even when I am faithless, and thank God that His love for me is not dependent on my behaviour or who I am, but because of who He is. What’s more, equally thankfully, God’s not finished with me yet, and He does not leave me where I’m at. May God work in me, that He should take His rightful place as King.



February Resolution: Check In #1

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I decided to read Romans 12 after all :) It’s a shorter chapter than 8, so it works out well that I have fewer days to read it in for memorisation. I did my reading of it 4 times this week: I did not read on Friday and Sunday as previously decided, but unfortunately also missed reading it on Tuesday.

It was my bad for not prioritising it. It is a wonderful chapter that I am not as familiar with as I’d like to be, so I’m glad I have a chance to read it more this month.

This week I managed to get a lot of my to-do list complete, which I’m thanking God for. But I do notice that a lot of my faith-related to-do’s (i.e. record and upload, reading, evangelism) remain incomplete. There are some reasons for this – most relate to being really tired and working more, but I really could have gotten them done if I wanted to. It shouldn’t be a comparison, but a lot of personal things that I wanted to do were also neglected due to lack of time or energy.

That said, Jacky and I discussed some of the things that were eating into my time that was also causing me to become more tired than usual, and we’ve already made changes to combat this, for which I am very grateful.

Next week, I shall make it a priority, as it should be.



Bullet Journal: February Setup

Wow, am I posting this spread on the first day of the month for once? Goodness me, it has been a productive start to the month! You may notice a couple of new pens below… that’s right! Last week the Zebra 15ct Mildiner Brush Pens that I’d been eyeing for months went on sale (still on sale right now for only $23+tax; they used to be $42) so I took the plunge and purchased them.

It’ll take me some time to get accustomed to using them I’m sure, but so far I’m liking them. The red colour isn’t as vibrant as I was expecting/hoping but it’s fine. I probably should have tested it before just going ahead and drawing but what’s life without a few risks.

I really enjoyed setting this up actually. I didn’t really have anything planned when I drew it out and it looks a little empty from the above picture, but I’ve already almost filled the two pages to the max with the things I want to accomplish during this period.

Essentially on the left side I have my monthly to-dos, which are just high-level things I want to accomplish at some point this month, and on the right I have a weekly spread.

I’m still using the rolling task list I learned from Plant Based Bride here to track my weekly tasks. This will be to assign my monthly to-dos to a specific day of the week, and also break down high-level tasks into smaller action steps where necessary. When I complete them all of the action items for that task, I’ll also tick it off my monthly to-do.

I date some of my monthly to-dos if I know they need to be accomplished within a certain week so that I can make sure I assign it when that week comes along.

Finally, my February mini-resolution tracker will be done on a weekly basis, since I plan to post weekly updates on my blog, so I’ll track them on my weekly spread.

I’m probably making a pig’s ear out of this description, but I know what I mean and it works for me haha. Sorry if it’s really confusing, but it is basic and I really like it. It’s been a while since I had to break down my monthly to-dos to a weekly task list, so this is kind of exciting for me.

Muchos love,


January Resolution: Check In #4

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It is the end of January and thus the final of my January check-ins. My January mini-resolution was to read Romans 8 once per day. This check-in will be for the 25th – 31st January. Goodness, this month flew by, didn’t it?

I didn’t read daily this week – actually I skipped 3 days: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. I’m not sure why I skipped Wednesday, but Friday we did have Bible Study, and Saturday honestly I have no excuse – we didn’t even have our usual Bible Study with my family because I woke up so late and exhausted. But to be honest, I don’t have an excuse for skipping my reading on any of those days.

I noticed this week that I was no longer as serious about reading it as I had been before. Perhaps it’s because I’d seen the same text day after day that I’d begun to get bored? Or, at least, the words weren’t sinking in properly anymore. Reading the passage daily almost became a chore.

However, today, after taking a couple days’ break from reading, I really enjoyed reading it again. In fact, I realised that I’d been able to recite more of the passage than I had before, and was able to commit more to memory than I had done in the past as well.

Perhaps with anything else in life: there are days when you need a bit of a break before getting back into it with more vigour. The Word of God should never be taken that way, of course; I am not saying it’s a good idea to take days off from spending time with God in devotion, meditation on the Word and prayer.

But since this is a specific resolution to read the same passage daily, perhaps it does help to give my brain some rest so it can retain some of what it’s read and not get tired of the repetition.

For February, I still haven’t quite figured out what I’d like to read. I haven’t sat down to devote time to memorise Romans 8 fully, though I can recite 80% of it by now. Still, I think I would like to put it aside for a little while and then come back to it.

Shall I move on to Romans 12? Or perhaps one of the Psalms… I’ll pray about it a little more, and will put up a new update post once I decide. I will, however, take 2 days’ rest per week from reading the passage: Fridays (fellowship) and Sundays (sabbath), to hopefully allow more time for the passage to sink in to my brain and avoid repetition fatigue.



Fitness: Chloe Ting’s Flat Stomach Challenge – Week 4

Image screenshot: Chloe Ting 2021 Flat Stomach Challenge

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I was supposed to start the final week of the Flat Stomach Challenge yesterday but unfortunately my headache from Sunday still hadn’t subsided. I slept for quite a long time but was still feeling weak and tired. I guess this happens every time I go outside because I’m exposed to new germs that I normally am not exposed to when I’m indoors. It’s pretty much been a pattern every time we’ve gone to Costco in recent weeks.

The final week only has one rest day since it’s understood that we’d take a longer rest period after the challenge is complete. It’s also the most intense week, so since I wasn’t feeling well I decided to just pace myself for this final week.

I took an extra rest day yesterday and thought I’d be better after another night’s rest, but my headache got progressively worse as the day passed and now I don’t think I’ll be able to do my workout today either. I wasn’t going to try to bring forward Wednesday’s rest and then do 6 days straight to try and finish at the same time as everyone else anyway, but now I definitely won’t be able to.

Also Sundays are typically my sabbaths so I’ll probably end up taking another rest day this week as well. As such, my updates for this post will be on the days I actually do the challenge, rather than daily.

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